Entry tips

General entry tips

The judges will be looking for proof that you have produced an award-winning entry. They will be using three main key criteria when it comes to judging the awards:

They will examine the appropriateness of the strategy and objectives in relation to the workforce; the degree of innovation involved, either for the employer concerned, the sector or the benefits industry in general; and the results achieved. Targeting your entry to these key criteria is likely to result in higher marks from the judges.

  • Include supporting material. Facts and figures demonstrating the impact of a benefits scheme or strategy can greatly improve an entry.
  • Where categories require the submission of supporting communications materials, entries will be judged on these materials rather than the benefits strategies these support. You must supply examples of all communications materials mentioned in the entry. Entries that do not include accompanying materials will not be judged.
  • Avoid jargon. Plain English enables judges to clearly understand all sections of the entry, with no confusion or misunderstanding.
  • The word count on each entry form must NOT exceed 1,000 words.
  • If you are entering the same scheme into a number of categories, please complete an entry form for each and ensure you have tailored the entry specifically to each category. Entries that have simply been copied and pasted into several categories will not score highly.
  • Please ensure that you read the Conditions of Entry page before completing the relevant Category Entry Form/s online. You can log back in to amend your entry form online as many times as you wish before submitting.
  • Entries that are not submitted on the relevant Category Entry Form/s will not be judged.

Entry tips for providers, advisers and consultants entering on behalf of employer clients

  • In addition to the points listed under the general entry tips, the judges will be looking for entries that really get under the skin of an employer in terms of why a scheme was appropriate for that particular organisation. What made a scheme/strategy unique to that organisation?
  • Entries should not simply focus on the products or systems that were used. Winning entries will demonstrate an organisation’s wider benefits or reward strategy and explain how any products used were appropriate within this context.
  • Where an employer has made use of an off-the-shelf product, system or service, the entry must explain how this was tailored to suit its needs and workforce. Winning entries will demonstrate how an organisation took a product and adapted it to suit its specific needs.
  • Winning entries will include clear, tangible results, not simply anecdotal evidence or testimonials.
  • Encourage the employer to provide input into the entry. They may be able to provide additional information that can contribute to its success.
  • Ensure the employer is aware that the entry is being submitted.
  • Benefits providers, advisers and consultants must not enter their own organisation as an employer into categories that reflect any area of their business activity, i.e. pension providers must not enter any of the pensions categories. Any entry that is deemed to be of this nature will not be judged and will be withdrawn. In these circumstances, the entry fee will not be refunded.